Making the difference.

When I meet with prospective clients, many of them want to know what makes my services different compared to what they’ve seen from other DJs. And until now, I’ve always said that I’m fanatical about having a backup plan for everything, I genuinely care about the success of every event, and that I always make sure that my clients’ wishes come first. However, I received a thank-you email over the weekend from the father of a recent bride, and one sentence in it really got my attention: You did so much more than play music, you created memories. Honestly, I never really considered how my work affects others and I rarely get the chance to compare what I do to what other DJs are doing, but when the father of a recent bride takes the time to write to me, I must be doing something right. I’ve known for a long time that the music plays just a small part in what I do, but the rest isn’t always easy to explain to others. That one sentence said it quite nicely.

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