Death of the class reunion?

Last week I had two cancellations – both were class reunions scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend, and both were cancelled due to lack of interest. For whatever reason, people in Middleboro and Franklin who graduated in 1997 just aren’t ready to go back and see their old classmates. Additionally, I checked with some of my fellow DJs and found that very few of them were DJing class reunions this year. We determined that there are so many ways to stay in touch nowadays, and anybody who wants to keep in contact with their high school friends can do so pretty easily – especially through networking sites like Myspace and Facebook. As a result, fewer people see the value in paying $50 per person for a night of food, dancing and conversation with their old schoolmates. It’s sad, really. From my own experiences, one of the best things about attending a class reunion is seeing how much people have changed – even the people that you weren’t ever friends with in the first place. Is it worth the price of admission? Absolutely, 100 percent. Based on those two cancellations (and a surprise weekend off for me), I’m starting to think that the class reunion is headed for obsolescence. I hope I’m wrong.

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