This year, we’re excited to be teaming up with one of Rhode Island’s most historic venues to bring a great night of food, festivities, music and holiday fun to companies large and small throughout Southern New England.  Join us for our first-ever All-Inclusive Company Holiday Party, happening on Friday evening, December 12th at Rhodes On The Pawtuxet, presented by Russell Morin Fine Catering.

The party begins at 6:30 and features an exquisite assortment of appetizers, followed by a dinner buffet featuring the specialties that have made Russell Morin Fine Catering one of Southern New England’s top caterers and some of our favorites, including Braised Short Ribs of Beef and Lobster-Crusted Scrod.  For dessert, you and your guests will enjoy holiday-themed mini-pastries, cookies, and a creative hot cocoa bar.  A cash bar will be available all evening, and arrangements can be made to include complimentary bar services for your guests.

As the exclusive entertainment provider for this event, B-Sharp Entertainment and DJ Brendan Lafferty will make the party fun and festive with a mix of today’s top dance hits and the crowd-pleasing favorites that have made him one of Rhode Island’s most recommended DJ entertainers.  You and your guests are sure to be dancing the night away.

Here’s the best part:  All of this is yours for one low price of just $45 per guest.  A minimum of 8 guests is required to reserve your table.   Make your reservation today by calling Maggie Shields, General Manager of Rhodes On The Pawtuxet, at 401-785-4333 ext 13, or by email.

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When I’m meeting with prospective clients, I pride myself on being completely candid when answering their questions.  They can ask me anything, and I’m happy to give some feedback based on my experiences in this business.  I’ve entertained at more than 1500 events over the course of my DJ career, and I’ve sfivequestionshared some incredible moments with my clients.  I’ve also seen a handful of minor mishaps.  For the most part, I’ve seen everything, but I’ve yet to be part of a wedding reception where everything went wrong.

In the three years that my company has been offering Photobooth Rentals, we’ve had a great opportunity to see what happens at events with other DJs at the helm.  The results?  Well, I’m not here to rave about what I do (my clients rave about what I do on WeddingWire, and also on The Knot).  I’m also not going to single out other DJ companies in this blog post; doing so won’t be beneficial to anyone.   But often, the prospective clients that I meet with arrive armed with a printout of questions that’s been floating around the interwebs for years.  The questions are basic and the answers may be helpful to some people, but if you’re looking for a DJ today, there are five new questions that you should be asking:

1.  Do you sit behind your table?

Most venues provide DJs with a table, and sometimes a chair.  As entertainers, we want your guests on the dancefloor… and on their feet.   I can’t figure out how some DJs expect guests to get on their feet when they themselves are just three feet from the dancefloor, sitting behind their table, staring into their laptop screen while the music plays on.   Music makes me want to dance, not sit.  A sitting DJ can’t possibly bring an acceptable level of energy to your event, regardless of the occasion.  Their answer to this question should be a firm “no”.

2. Will you need internet access to play your music?

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on records, tapes, CDs and mp3 files over the course of my DJ career.  I’m not bitter about that; it’s an investment that’s paid for itself many times over.  Now that music is hyper-accessible and dirt cheap, I can easily maintain my music library and get the week’s newest tracks with just a few clicks from a legal DJ music-subscription service; it’s part of the preparation that I do in advance of my upcoming events.  I wish I could tell you that all DJs are doing this, but I’ve heard the stories from many of my venue manager friends about the DJs who arrived and became irate when they found that the venue did not have internet access available .  A professional DJ should own their music files, not play them off of YouTube, access them from the cloud, or have a reliance on WiFi to rock your party.

3.  You play the clean versions, right?

There’s a time and place for every song.  And when the time is one you’ve been looking forward to for months (and possibly years) and the place is a beautifully-decorated ballroom filled with your family members and closest friends, that’s probably not the best time for your DJ to drop the F-bombs.  Radio-friendly versions are readily available to DJs from a number of sources, but many DJs just don’t care about what comes out of their speakers and have no clue that their music selections matter to how they’re perceived.  As an entertainer, I want the events where I DJ to be memorable for the best reasons.  And to the best of my knowledge, no mobile DJ has ever been booed for playing the clean version of a song.

4.  Can I see a picture of your setup?

It’s a super-basic question, but so so so so SO important.  An established DJ will not only have a photo of his or her setup for you to see, it’ll likely be a photo taken at the same venue you’ve booked for your event.  Even a novice DJ will have a photo to show you, so the next questions are what you should ask yourself while you’re looking at their photos:

  • Is this setup presentable?   A DJ who cares about appearance will make sure that wires are hidden, tables are skirted and that their area is tidy and organized.
  • Is this equipment going to be suitable for my party?  You don’t have to be tech expert or music aficionado to answer this one, but you should at least take note of whether or not the speakers in the photo are a matching pair, if there’s even a pair of speakers at all (one speaker is generally not enough), if they’re from a home-theater system purchased at Walmart, or if they’re modern-looking and fairly unobtrusive.
  • Does this DJ have a banner or signage?   Your event should not be a giant advertisement for the guy with the microphone.  Ix-nay the ign-say.

5.  What are you listening to right now?

Most people can’t tell me what the number-one song in America is this week.   Even fewer would be able  name three songs in the Top 10.  A good DJ – one who knows all the classics backwards and forwards but continually works to improve his or her craft – should be able to name a few songs or artists they’re currently into.  Note that if you’re planning a 50th-year class reunion and  their answer is that most new music is garbage, you’ve probably found the right DJ for your party.


Brendan Lafferty is a full-time mobile DJ and the owner of B-Sharp Entertainment.  He’s been featured in numerous DJ industry-related publications, including DJ Times and Mobile Beat magazines, and entertains at weddings, parties and events throughout New England.

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It’s been an amazing 2014… B-Sharp Entertainment has rocked dozens of wedding receptions throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts, our Photobooths are popping up atB-Sharp Holiday Parties events all over New England, and we’re expanding our lighting offerings to bring our client some incredible new options for 2015.  We’ve got new bookings on our calendar for next year and even a handful of inquiries for 2016 (it’s never too early to book your wedding vendors), but there’s something happening much sooner that we’d love the opportunity to help with:

Your company holiday party.

If you’ve attended a boring company holiday party in the past (and let’s face it, you probably have), it’s time to change things up.  Our DJ services aren’t just for weddings; when it’s cold outside, we know how to heat up the dancefloor with a modern mix of energetic music that keeps your guests on your feet.  No sleepy Christmas carols, no cheesy games, and no silly interactive skits from 1995.  From interns to office staff to the sales force to the CEO, we keep everyone entertained and provide your company with morale-boosting fun, interactive photobooth excitement and an array of lighting options to help close out your company’s 4th quarter in style.

We can also make it snow.  Indoors.

Whether you’re planning a small gathering in the office for 50 people, or a rockstar-level event for 500, B-Sharp has options that fit your needs.  Select December dates are now available, and we offer special pricing for January and February events as well.

To reserve our award-winning talent and services for your upcoming event, please call us at 508-822-4545, or use the “Contact Us” form at the top of our site.   

ChocolateLogoWebHere’s your chance to sample chocolate – LOTS of chocolate – and get a taste of the great entertainment that B-Sharp provides at events all over the Southcoast! Join us on Thursday night, May 8th at White’s Of Westport for Fun 107’s Chocolate Affair. Last year’s event sold out quickly, and we’re expecting a full house for this year’s soiree.

Your ticket ($12 in advance, $15 at the door) allows you to sample an almost unlimited array of sweet treats from more than 20 local bakeries, ice cream shops and candy stores – from chocolate fountains to chocolate cakes, you’ll find it at the Chocolate Affair. While you’re satisfying your sweet tooth cravings, we’ll be mixing your favorite music and providing some free Photobooth fun for everyone who attends.

Fun 107’s Chocolate Affair runs starts at 6 pm. For tickets and more information, visit

So Chic Events - Cleverly Stylish

We can’t believe it’s already mid-February – when we add the season’s bridal shows to our calendar, they’re usually months and months away.

However, engagement season is in full swing, and we’re looking forward to taking part in the upcoming So Chic Events’ 8th Annual Bridal Expo.  It’s happening on Sunday, March 2nd, and taking place at the Imperial Ballroom in Mendon.  The show runs from Noon to 3:30, and features more 30 of Metrowest’s best wedding professionals, ready to help you plan the perfect wedding day.

The B-Sharp Entertainment booth will showcase our award-winning DJ services, elegant event lighting options, and of course, our Photobooth.  Stop by and say hi!  Admission is just $8 at the door,  but you can save $3 when you pre-register before March 1st.

Here’s a sampling of this year’s exhibitors:

Get more information about So Chic Events’ 8th Annual Bridal Expo here.  See you on the 2nd! 

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